Thursday, September 23, 2010

September Newsletter

Dear Mint Shoppers

Thanks to all of you who came along to the jewellery afternoon. We really enjoyed having you call in to meet Michelle, the Zsiska rep and share the first viewing of the gorgeous new range. 

Signature range
Fragile Range

Fragile Range

Arabesque Range

Arabesque Range

All designs available in a range of colours, click on this link to see all the options, plus more of the Zsiska jewel colours and sleek designs. Jan Lankow of Martinborough won the draw, a prize of a large hanami disc pendant, a black bird design on 24 karat silver leaf . This looked extremely elegant on Jan – congratulations!

Newly in, fine gossamer scarves of silk & merino felted onto silk gauze fabric. They come from Jenny Ladd, who just walked in one day wearing one, which I discovered she made; the best things really do just come through the door.  Only in last week, but they are selling like hot cakes already; instead of a new outfit just accessorise!

Apple machines continue to be a hit with cooks who make baked apples. 
Top Tip: Leave the peel on the apples, slice & core on the apple machine, then put a small plug of the core back into the base of the apple & fill it with dates, brown sugar etc. A swirl of Muirlea Rise in the syrup is also delicious according to one enthusiastic chap.  Muirlea dessert wine is a perfect match with baked apples so my customers tell me. I love learning titbits & hints from my lovely chatty customers. Follow this link to see the apple machine in action!

Do let me know if there is something you would like me to source, especially in the kitchen range; I’m very happy to source things if I can.

Best wishes